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New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts


Tree: King/Roy

Latitude: 41.6362152, Longitude: -70.9342050


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barthelemy, Lucienne  27 Aug 1919New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340522 King/Roy 
2 Becotte, Alice Ledia  24 Aug 1918New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I37932 King/Roy 
3 Belanger, Amy Edna  31 Jul 1932New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8095 King/Roy 
4 Breault, Henry  16 Apr 1913New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45190 King/Roy 
5 Cadieux, Rita Annette  13 Jul 1916New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I26308 King/Roy 
6 D'Auteuil, Doris J.  12 May 1947New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I32735 King/Roy 
7 Desrosiers, Aldege Joseph  ca. 1943New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45776 King/Roy 
8 Desrosiers, Gerard Joseph  ca. 1933New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45778 King/Roy 
9 Desrosiers, Leo Henry  ca. 1924New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45781 King/Roy 
10 Dextrage, Joseph  ca. 1861New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I19044 King/Roy 
11 Gamache, Aimé George Joseph  15 Mar 1910New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73331892 King/Roy 
12 Gamache, Aldea J.  11 May 1902New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339535 King/Roy 
13 Gamache, Amy L.  ca. 1975New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I25768 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Armand Hervé  2 Aug 1920New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335759 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Beatrice  9 Oct 1903New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I17799 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Claire Therese  7 Jul 1929New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6999 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Edouard Theodore  4 Sep 1905New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I17769 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Eileen Therese  11 Feb 1928New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335561 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Esdrase  Mar 1894New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339534 King/Roy 
20 Gamache, George Roland  14 Oct 1916New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335758 King/Roy 
21 Gamache, Gertrude  2 Apr 1918New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I40369 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, James G.  5 Jan 1964New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12838 King/Roy 
23 Gamache, John Raymond  12 Apr 1956New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8096 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, John Robert  5 Jan 1964New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12832 King/Roy 
25 Gamache, John Timothy  25 Jun 1930New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I17367 King/Roy 
26 Gamache, Joseph Alcide  5 Sep 1918New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I39961 King/Roy 
27 Gamache, Joseph Arthur Lionel  29 Apr 1899New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339431 King/Roy 
28 Gamache, Joseph R. Guillaume  9 Jul 1896New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I23718 King/Roy 
29 Gamache, Marie Armande  22 Nov 1892New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I26315 King/Roy 
30 Gamache, Oscar Henry  1 Jul 1911New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I7573 King/Roy 
31 Gamache, Raymond Elphege  18 Nov 1930New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8093 King/Roy 
32 Gamache, Raymond Leo Sr.  26 May 1929New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12830 King/Roy 
33 Gamache, Raymond Leo III  ca. 1976New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I25764 King/Roy 
34 Gamache, Richard  ca. 14 Apr 1900New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42736 King/Roy 
35 Gamache, Rose Emma  22 Nov 1907New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73331884 King/Roy 
36 Gamache, Sandra Jean  19 Oct 1956New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12790 King/Roy 
37 Gamache, Scott R.  7 Oct 1976New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I53177 King/Roy 
38 Gamache, Susan M  8 Aug 1960New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12791 King/Roy 
39 Gamache, Théodore Joseph  25 Mar 1899New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335356 King/Roy 
40 Gamache, Vivian Lorraine  ca. 1918New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335757 King/Roy 
41 Gamache, Wilfred  22 Jul 1930New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12046 King/Roy 
42 Gaudette, Marie Yvonne V.  13 Dec 1901New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18146 King/Roy 
43 Gorczyca, Stanislaw Paul  9 Sep 1920New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73336883 King/Roy 
44 Grace, Leroy Antone  14 Apr 1948New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I44143 King/Roy 
45 Grenon, Roger Louis  ca. 1930New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I48132 King/Roy 
46 Johnson, Albion Clifford Jr.  16 Sep 1906New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I39793 King/Roy 
47 Johnson, Roland Albert  ca. 1935New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I48512 King/Roy 
48 Lajoie, Normand Albert  4 Sep 1920New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I37931 King/Roy 
49 Lemaire, Anthony Charles  ca. 1886New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I5065 King/Roy 
50 Martin, Norman Charles  ca. 1929New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I31032 King/Roy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Becotte, Alice Ledia  20 Sep 1999New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I37932 King/Roy 
2 Belanger, Amy Edna  May 2004New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8095 King/Roy 
3 Belanger, Rita C.  19 Jan 2006New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I44953 King/Roy 
4 Boucher, Rose Giorgina Emma  1960New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6379 King/Roy 
5 Cadieux, Lucille F.  5 Feb 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45219 King/Roy 
6 Carroll, Margaret Agnes  7 Feb 1919New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I39792 King/Roy 
7 Cody, Annie  5 May 1922New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18399 King/Roy 
8 Comeau, Marie Adeline  1910New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6368 King/Roy 
9 Desrosiers, Aldege Joseph  21 Oct 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45776 King/Roy 
10 Desrosiers, Gerard Joseph  8 Aug 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45778 King/Roy 
11 Desrosiers, Joseph Aldege  New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45774 King/Roy 
12 Desrosiers, Leo Henry  1 Feb 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I45781 King/Roy 
13 Fradette, Marie Elise  21 Dec 1897New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18397 King/Roy 
14 Gamache, Alberick (Albert) Elphege Joseph  Oct 1954New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8089 King/Roy 
15 Gamache, Amelia Emilia  20 Dec 1967New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6378 King/Roy 
16 Gamache, Anthony Edward  13 Jan 1995New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73336951 King/Roy 
17 Gamache, Armand Hervé  Aug 1968New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335759 King/Roy 
18 Gamache, Blanche Bernadette  17 Aug 2001New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73331895 King/Roy 
19 Gamache, Eugénie  28 Sep 1978New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I4922 King/Roy 
20 Gamache, Florence B.  5 Jan 2003New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6403 King/Roy 
21 Gamache, George Roland  26 Dec 1990New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335758 King/Roy 
22 Gamache, Gertrude  14 Aug 2006New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I40369 King/Roy 
23 Gamache, John Robert  13 Mar 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I12832 King/Roy 
24 Gamache, Joseph Arthur Lionel  31 Jan 1901New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73339431 King/Roy 
25 Gamache, Joseph Isaie George  2 Jan 1951New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6374 King/Roy 
26 Gamache, Joseph R. Guillaume  1966New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I23718 King/Roy 
27 Gamache, Leo Joseph G.  13 Jul 2008New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340490 King/Roy 
28 Gamache, Louis Benoit Thomas  Dec 1966New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73340381 King/Roy 
29 Gamache, Lucia  28 Feb 1971New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73334236 King/Roy 
30 Gamache, Marie Leona  1989New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335764 King/Roy 
31 Gamache, Marie Sévèrine  16 Feb 1911New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6049 King/Roy 
32 Gamache, Maurice Albert  28 May 1998New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335760 King/Roy 
33 Gamache, Narcisse Vital  1950New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73334399 King/Roy 
34 Gamache, Oscar Henry  7 Feb 1912New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I7573 King/Roy 
35 Gamache, Raymond Elphege  13 Aug 2013New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8093 King/Roy 
36 Gamache, Richard  25 Jul 1900New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I42736 King/Roy 
37 Gamache, Simon J. (Sam)  3 Oct 1962New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I6376 King/Roy 
38 Gamache, Vivian Lorraine  9 Apr 2012New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73335757 King/Roy 
39 Gorczyca, Stanislaw Paul  7 Nov 2011New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73336883 King/Roy 
40 Grenon, Roger Louis  24 Oct 2005New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I48132 King/Roy 
41 Johnson, Albion Clifford Jr.  11 Nov 1966New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I39793 King/Roy 
42 Lajoie, Jacqueline N.  25 Nov 2019New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I8120 King/Roy 
43 Monjeau, Joseph Louis  27 Sep 1923New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I73336880 King/Roy 
44 Moreau, Lillian  6 Aug 1997New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I49865 King/Roy 
45 Provost, Augustin  14 Mar 1885New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18396 King/Roy 
46 Provost, Henry Joseph  16 Jul 1945New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18385 King/Roy 
47 Provost, Joseph Henry  23 Jul 1918New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18390 King/Roy 
48 Provost, Margaret Elizabeth  1958New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18393 King/Roy 
49 Robitaille, Glorianna A.  24 Oct 1998New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I50878 King/Roy 
50 Ryan, Jeremiah  14 Apr 1915New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts I18398 King/Roy 

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Albrycht (Allbright) / Gamache  18 Jun 1938New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F19266 King/Roy 
2 Boucher / Gamache  7 Jun 1910New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F3491 King/Roy 
3 Delage dit Laviqueur / Gamache  12 Oct 1903New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F4419 King/Roy 
4 Dextrage / Gamache  16 Jan 1898New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F11088 King/Roy 
5 Fournier / Campbell  1896New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F10834 King/Roy 
6 Gadbois / Gamache  May 1933New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F4416 King/Roy 
7 Gamache / Belanger  1952New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6904 King/Roy 
8 Gamache / Benjamin  New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F10614 King/Roy 
9 Gamache / Bessette dite Brisetout  22 Feb 1900New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6753 King/Roy 
10 Gamache / Boucher  26 Aug 1906New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F2010 King/Roy 
11 Gamache / Boudreau  11 Oct 1909New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F10469 King/Roy 
12 Gamache / Boudreau  28 Sep 1914New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F3581 King/Roy 
13 Gamache / Brunette  16 Jan 1898New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F3946 King/Roy 
14 Gamache / Cadieux  1946New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F13928 King/Roy 
15 Gamache / Hindley  10 May 1906New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F2390 King/Roy 
16 Gamache / Jetté  17 Aug 1891New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F5438 King/Roy 
17 Gamache / Lajoie  1968New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6913 King/Roy 
18 Gamache / LeGault  8 Feb 1910New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6865 King/Roy 
19 Gamache / Torres  ca. 1940New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F2391 King/Roy 
20 Gamache (Gamacho) / Dutra  20 Jun 1914New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F27243 King/Roy 
21 Johnson / Carroll  3 Feb 1903New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F19049 King/Roy 
22 Johnson / Gamache  ca. 1926New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6711 King/Roy 
23 Johnson / Gamache  1936New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F3587 King/Roy 
24 Lareau / Carreau (Caron)  21 Dec 1899New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F19533 King/Roy 
25 LeBlanc / Gamache  26 Jun 1941New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F6961 King/Roy 
26 Lemaire / Gamache  1911New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F2603 King/Roy 
27 Maynard / Gamache  24 Sep 1904New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F5391 King/Roy 
28 McDonald / Gamache  1 Sep 1913New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F3588 King/Roy 
29 Monjeau / Gamache  29 Jul 1900New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F4414 King/Roy 
30 Potvin / Gamache  20 Jun 1898New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F4413 King/Roy 
31 Provost / Fournier  2 Jun 1919New Bedford, BRISTOL, Massachusetts F10833 King/Roy 

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