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Cohoes, ALBANY, New York


Tree: King/Roy

Latitude: 42.7742446, Longitude: -73.7001187


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blais, Olive  2 Sep 1879Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I7536
2 Couture, Bernadette M.  29 Sep 1892Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73341458
3 Cunningham, Margaret Mary Agnes  27 Aug 1917Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10235
4 Foley, Dolores May  24 May 1927Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I29694
5 Fortin, Annette  11 Jun 1917Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10251
6 Gamache, Aurora  17 Oct 1896Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340285
7 Gamache, Cécile Elaine  5 May 1921Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338580
8 Gamache, Donald Earl  8 Aug 1927Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338583
9 Gamache, Earl Raymond  29 Mar 1947Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I34276
10 Gamache, Earl Raymond  31 Mar 1947Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338619
11 Gamache, Edward Joseph  22 Apr 1924Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73336509
12 Gamache, Eva Marie  12 Dec 1887Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I31081
13 Gamache, Hormidas Joseph  20 Nov 1888Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I9461
14 Gamache, Irene  3 Apr 1905Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340288
15 Gamache, Leo Joseph  7 Jan 1901Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73335750
16 Gamache, Lorraine D.  7 Dec 1925Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338582
17 Gamache, Marcel Thomas  28 Dec 1901Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340287
18 Gamache, Mark Joseph  13 Sep 1949Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73336513
19 Gamache, Normand Charles  Jun 1915Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338577
20 Gamache, Paul  20 Nov 1890Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340279
21 Gamache, Paul George  21 Apr 1917Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338578
22 Gamache, Raymond R.  31 May 1924Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I19240
23 Gamache, Richard E.  1 Dec 1896Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I31084
24 Gamache, Robert D. Sr.  6 Jul 1949Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338616
25 Gamache, Robert D.  6 Jul 1949Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I32665
26 Gamache, Roy Francis  22 Feb 1929Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338584
27 Gilly, Charles F.  ca. 1919Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I27651
28 Grignon, Clement Noel  ca. 1926Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I48141
29 Grignon, Elizabeth Irene  22 Aug 1922Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73336512
30 Halacy, Eleanor  23 May 1924Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338614
31 Iantuono, Norma J.  ca. 1928Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I30505
32 Lambert, Alice  19 Mar 1906Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340290
33 Raymond, William J. Sr.  ca. 1921Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10221
34 Rennie, Jean Ann  1 Nov 1914Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I31086
35 Rettinger, Mary  ca. 1928Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I42210
36 Robert, Napoleon (Paul)  4 Jun 1895Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340292
37 Soutiere, Henry Joseph  8 Feb 1876Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I15393
38 Sunkes, Wayne A  ca. 1950Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10261
39 Szostak, Leona A.  15 Apr 1927Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338632


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bonneau (Laurin), Margaret Geneviève  11 May 1943Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340276
2 Cahier, Julie  7 Jul 1927Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73341768
3 Demers, Edward F.  3 Jan 2001Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I7537
4 Duteau, Marguerite  2 Aug 1911Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I4506
5 Fortin, Alfred David  6 Jun 1941Cohoes, ALBANY, New York  I73335453
6 Fortin, Annette  22 Nov 2012Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10251
7 Gamache, Albert George  6 Dec 1963Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338575
8 Gamache, Aurora  3 Aug 1984Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340285
9 Gamache, Cécile Elaine  7 Nov 1986Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338580
10 Gamache, Clément  4 Jun 1941Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340265
11 Gamache, Earl Raymond  23 Oct 1966Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I34276
12 Gamache, Edward Dieudonné  23 May 1958Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340283
13 Gamache, Eva Marie  1 Dec 1907Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I31081
14 Gamache, François Céade  8 Jul 1931Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I4507
15 Gamache, François Maxim  6 Aug 1882Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I4490
16 Gamache, Marcel Thomas  14 Dec 1980Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340287
17 Gamache, Marie Elmire  24 Feb 1944Cohoes, ALBANY, New York  I73335452
18 Gamache, Osithe Adelaide  19 May 1889Cohoes, ALBANY, New York  I4499
19 Gamache, Raymond R.  10 Mar 2019Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I19240
20 Gamache, Richard E.  31 Mar 1922Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I31084
21 Gamache, Richard Z.  26 Nov 1951Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340269
22 Gamache, Robert D. Sr.  23 Nov 2012Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338616
23 Gamache, Robert D.  23 Nov 2012Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I32665
24 Gamache (White), Edith Ann  12 Feb 2009Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338621
25 Grignon, Clement Noel  5 Jun 2005Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I48141
26 Jamesson, Mary E.  5 Dec 1924Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I35428
27 Lambert, Alice  18 Mar 1969Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73339862
28 Lambert, Alice  18 Mar 1969Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340290
29 Menard, Victoria Rose  31 Oct 1963Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73337469
30 Noble, Barbara Jean  1 Apr 1992Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338631
31 Patenaude, Charles Gidéon  30 Mar 1940Cohoes, ALBANY, New York  I6946
32 Patenaude, Marie Lea  11 Jul 1926Cohoes, ALBANY, New York  I4527
33 Peterson, Phillip Frederick  28 Jan 1951Cohoes, Albany, New York I73338688
34 Plante, Victoria  8 Mar 1994Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338576
35 Rafferty, Jacob Gabriel  2 Feb 2012Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10220
36 Robert, Napoleon (Paul)  1942Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340292
37 Rusten, Robert B.  4 Oct 1966Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I28047
38 Seeloff, Joan R.  21 Jun 1985Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73338693
39 Smith, Nellie  2 Nov 1901Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I73340274
40 Vadenais, Léocadie Catherine  3 Feb 1941Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I10308


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gamache, Marie Dorothée  Cohoes, ALBANY, New York I5577


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Balfe / Gamache  26 Nov 1919Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F15827
2 Belleau / Gamache  23 Oct 1949Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5068
3 Fletcher / Gamache  27 Nov 1960Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5066
4 Gamache / Billette  9 Feb 1901Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5701
5 Gamache / Bonneau (Laurin)  10 Aug 1885Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5705
6 Gamache / Jamesson  22 Oct 1923Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F17626
7 Gamache / Lambert  30 Aug 1941Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5710
8 Gamache / LaRoche  16 Sep 1885Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5088
9 Gamache / Milo  19 Nov 1910Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F7735
10 Gamache / Plante  29 Jun 1914Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5013
11 Gamache / Provost  11 May 1886Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F15820
12 Gamache / Rettinger  14 Nov 1945Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F7194
13 Gamache / Seeloff  28 Nov 1948Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5070
14 Gamache / Smith  15 Jul 1900Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5703
15 Gamache / Szostak  5 Jun 1949Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5035
16 Gamache / Vadenais  8 Feb 1879Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F7734
17 Peterson / Gamache  13 Aug 1943Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F5067
18 Rennie / Gamache  Jan 1914Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F15822
19 White / Beaupré  1 May 1911Cohoes, ALBANY, New York F10316

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